Police procedural with western flavor (1950 - 1952) Tales of the Texas Rangers, starring Joel McCrea as Ranger Pearson! Texas more than 260,000 square miles! And the 50 men who made up the most famous and oldest law enforcement body in North America!

Tales of the Texas Rangers bore an unmistakable Dragnet influence: the stories followed the step-by-step tracking of a criminal, often a killer, by a Texas lawman well versed in modern procedure. Established in the 1820's, the Rangers numbered only about 50 men at any given time. All of them had to demonstrate virtues of maturity (at least 30 years old), intelligence, and physical stamina.

The slant would be modern: the cases would span the time from ca. 1928-48, well within the working life of a single Ranger. Pursuit would be by automobile, through the Ranger would have a horse trailer attached to his vehicle, so that at any moment he might pack off after a killer into the back country. The generic ranger, Jace Pearson, played by Joel McCrae,  had a generic horse, Charcoal. After each broadcast, McCrea returned with a bit of Ranger lore and gave the disposition of the case (sentenced to life imprisonment at Huntsville - a state penitentiary in that town). Often exact dates were given of the convicted criminal's date of death in the electrocution chair.

Tales of the Texas Rangers
Joel McCrae