In 1904, the first wireless station in Newfoundland was built at Cape Race which was one of the major land-based locations that received the distress call from the RMS Titanic, the other being,  at least according to legend, the Marconi telegraph station on top of the Wanamaker's department store in New York City. On the night the Titanic sank, the ship's wireless operator Jack Phillips was sending telegraphs to Cape Race for relay to New York City when Cyril Evans, wireless operator of the S.S Californian, sent an iceberg warning to the Titanic, only a few miles away.   Phillips was annoyed with the loud signal (due to the proximity) and responded “Shut up, Shut up, I’m working Cape Race.” This would become a famous incident as the bored Evans soon went to sleep and Titanic hit an iceberg only fifteen minutes later. After Titanic's distress call, Cape Race played a major role in relaying news of the sinking to other ships and land locations.

Newfoundland's First Wireless Communication Station