L-R  Dorothy White, Yolanda Langston & Patricia Langston appeared several times on the Tots and Teens program.  The girls used Hit Parader songs books to practice their songs before appearing on the program in 1953 and 1954.

(Courtesy of Yolanda Langston Corbett)
KTRB's Tots & Teens Program
1940s - 1982

Cal Purviance became the third and last host of Tots and Teens in the beginning in early '50s taking over from Cicely Roddy who was the second hostess of the popular radio amateur hour on KTRB.  Carol Glass was the first in the '40s when the program was called the Children's Amateur Hour.  
Cal Purviance hosts Tots and Teens #2  (Brooks and Purviance Kids)

Cal Purviance hosts Tots and Teens #1  (Waring Kids)
Glenn Staley played the piano and organ for the Tots and Teens program.
Linda Austin, Yolanda and Patricia Langston sing on Tots and Teens program in 1954.  Girls 
were introduced by hostess Cicely Price  (Roddy).
Cicely Price (Roddy) took over as hostess of the "Tots and Teens" program from 1947 to 1957 following Carol Glass.
Tots and Teens Theme Song

Tots and Teens on the air
Lots of fun for all to share
Party day, sing and play
Ten o'clock each Saturday

Ha Ha Ha Ho Ho Ho
Gather 'round your radio
Ha Ha Ha Hey Hey Hey
See you every Saturday

Yolanda Langston sings on the Tots and Teen program in 1954. She was introduced by program hostess Cicely Price.