Singer and bandleader Orrin Tucker was born February 17, 1911  St. Louis, MO.  His fledgling band was propelled to success in 1939 when Louis Armstrong pointed Tucker to  female vocalist, Wee Bonnie Baker. The band later recorded an old WW I tune called ''Oh, Johnny, Oh, Johnny, Oh!'' with Bonnie's sexy sighs and coos on the vocal which became a hit.   Tucker's band became one of the hottest bands in the country

Columbia Records signed them in 1939 and ''Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh!'' was one of songs in their first recording session. It remained their most popular number, reaching the number two spot on the pop charts. Tucker proceeded to cut more than 70 records including six which sold over a million copies each.

As a young man he had studied to be a doctor, but also learned to play saxophone. He formed his first band in college. During WW II Tucker served in the Navy as a Lieutenant, Junior Grade. He remained active in the music business until health problems forced him to slow down during the 1990s.  His theme song was Drifting and Dreaming.

Bandleader Orrin Tucker