Back In Your Own Back Yard  was the first song played on KTRB in 1933 when Bill Bates signed the station on the air on June 18th.  There have been several versions of this song recorded throughout the years. The version played on KTRB was by the Jan Garber Orchestra.  We have not be able to locate a copy of that version.  Presented here is the version performed by Vera Lynn. 

Back in your own back yard

The bird with feathers of blue  is  waiting for you
Back in your own back yard;
You'll find your castle in Spain through your  window pane
Back in your own back yard.
Oh, you can go to the east, go to the west,
Someday you'll come
Weary at heart back where you started from.
You'll find your happiness lies  right   under your eyes
Back in your own back yard.


"Back In Your Own Back Yard"
Vera Lynn

Vera Lynn